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 A Few Words on the NoMo style:
 Mr. Rudolph has been designing homes and inventing a style over the last twenty years he refers to
 NoMo: Northwest Modern

 This Style involves Five basic elements:

Site Based Design: Refers to a home based on Site constraints whether it be Setbacks
  Topography, View or Elemental Exposure.

Daylight: The introduction of daylight into the space is critical.
  Light should enter a space from multiple compass points.

Organization: Plans should embrace the modern approach starting with strong 
  axial organization and circulation resulting in an openness and connection to the site.
  (Larger Spaces Fewer Rooms)

Overhangs: The building must accommodate the Northwest weather. 
   (Roof Forms that shelter the structure below) generally resulting in broad overhangs of 3’-6” to 5’-0”

Context: Materials and Structures must relate to the scale and texture of
  the site or neighborhood to which they are to be placed.

      Why Rudolph Architects?
  • Drama
  • Space 
  • Daylight
  • Endurance
  • Appropriateness

         30 Years Of Excellence In Design

Cad Rendering of Proposed Home
Rudolph Architects
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5273 140th Avenue N.E.
Bellevue WA  98005
A Few Words about the House on Vineyard Crest

Designed with an air for entertainment this home incorporates an acute angle in the plan designed to open the front facade to the spectacular view. This angle opens the plan of the great room and takes the static four wall feel out of the important rooms without compromising furniture layout. A fifteen foot tall glass wall and a roof line that reflects the plan, leads to a very dramatic and dynamic elevation, while maintaining a strong Asian influence and the Wrightian Prairie House feeling.

For this reason the home fits the neighbor hood in scale and subtly yet its striking style will provide important curb appeal with a very current and updated persona. The plan locates the garage to back of the plan increasing the view experience and allowing for a very useful and private low maintenance front yard patio and entertainment space again utilizing the dramatic view of the down town skylines (Both Bellevue and Seattle), if the owner requires more intimacy a side patio with a gas fireplace suggests a more private and quite space.
The rear arrangement of the bedrooms provides for private intimate court yards eliminating the need for window coverings and allowing glorious quantities of daylight and privacy